Multi Level Marketing Software

Global Delivery 
We have done lot of MLM Software in all around the world, as per the required detail according to the customer with their currency, location and their condition.

Compensation Plans

Board/Revolving Matrix, Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Sun flower, Stair-Step, and Australian. Since 2001, we have consulted 1000's of compensation plans.


Bonuses Calculation 
If you required a Calculation Idea of any plan that you want to launch, we can help you to finalize it.


We provide you the genealogies to the distributer's to have an idea about the downline tree according to the business plan.


Kit Management
From Kit management, you can create many Joining kit options for your distributer's, distributer can make joining by any of the Kit.


E-Voucher/E-pin is a 16 digit random number generated for the Joining module, Any new distributer can buy this E-voucher and can make the Joining from any where by using Internet


Commissions Calculation
You can make the closing and system will make the calculation automatically as per the Busniess plan .View all commissions and bonus details as well as who has earned them and how they were earned.


Report System
We offer you various types of administrative reports to help satisfy your need for data. All reports are exportable to XL format.erp2

Communication Tools

We provide you the tools that will help you in the marketing and communication that includes with Newsletter, Message Center, News & Event & FAQ systems. You can edit all of the notifications directly from the application


Software Setting
You can Update many of the settings from your own side the click of a button. You can Manage user’s from your panel.

Software Details


Develop a MLM software according to company plan


Software to calculate monthly payout according to plan


E-Pin Joining System


Software contains Admin Panel


Software gives the facility to product management


Software gives the facility to Repurchase & Distribution


Utility to be build up for Client to gather the information of Members


Facility to see each members down line details and their own details


Facility to send message to each down line members.


Facility to be provided for taking payout of every member


Software gives the MIS report :


a) Daily/Date wise member joining.


b) Club wise details of distribution.


c) Member wise Payout/Account details etc.

Plan Consultancy for MLM company : 
We provide you MLM Plan Consultancy for your company, we can suggest you the latest industries trend with various MLM plan options.

Feasibility Study for MLM company
We can provide you the complete Feasibility study for your MLM plan. This is a feature by which you can make sure about the MLM plan  you wish to launch

Interactive website for MLM company :

Methodology :- The proposed Methodology for the development of the proposed system following steps will be followed:

Study Phase :- Study for the complete system will be done all together and gather your requirement to develop the system.

System Design :- System design will be done according to your requirement. The entire system feature will be decided and closed at this stage.

Customization Prototype :- The prototype will be shown once and all the inputs will be collected then. In case another round of prototype needs to be done there should be valid and sufficient reasons for that.

Beta Version releases :- Beta Version will be released for the user testing. Beta Version testing for the whole-integrated system will be done at the end when all the phases are developed and integrated. Users will be trained on the software usage at the Beta testing stage.

Final Release:- After all the bugs from the beta testing are fixed the final version of the software will be released.




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